Donate to Point SLO Light Station

Donate to Point SLO Light Station
  • Location: Avila Beach, CA
  • Product code: PU1QFU
Starting in 2018 the Point San Luis Light Station will be making a concerted effort to accomplish numerous large restoration goals that we have set for ourselves. We will seek to paint the historic 1890 Lighthouse, which is estimated to cost around $26,000. We will seek to restore or at least to secure the two 50,000 gallon historic cisterns that are on site, with a cost range of around $10,000 (to secure) to $80,000 (to restore). The main duplex, constructed by the Coast Guard in 1962, needs extensive repairs and renovation to preserve the building, at an estimated cost of upwards of $10,000. The Lower Terrace beautification Project which includes erosion control of the hillside and the planting of native plant species is estimated to cost upwards of $10,000. 

All of these projects are necessary to the continued operation of the station and to ensure this wonderful historic site will be available for all to enjoy generations to come. As we do our part to work within our means to accomplish these projects, we ask that anyone interested in sponsoring any of the projects in any way contact us or support the Point SLO Light Station with a monetary donation. 

Point SLO has been a beacon for 128 years, we hope to continue that legacy into the far future!

For Tax Purposes our non-profit ID# is 931166865.